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What would you do if you had the chance to save a human life by doing what you already do everyday? This is the question that Elliot For Water asks to the people.

Elliotforwater.com, in fact, is the first search engine that gives the possibility to its users to help the people in need of drinkable water. One fifth of the global population has no access to clean water, leading to death of six thousand people per day due to water-related diseases. Elliot For Water's mission is to help bring drinkable water to as many people as possible and to improve the quality of life, while respecting the needs of the local culture and environment.

This is achieved by allowing users to help people around the world for free simply by surfing the net. Elliot For Water donates 60% of its profits to buy Solwa Technologies, solar energy based products that purify dirty or polluted water through desalination, the irrigation of arid grounds, and the dehydration of food. We will also take care of the primary necessities of the villages in which this technology will be implemented.

Thanks to the collaboration with Onlus and Associations competent in the field, a zone without access to clean water will be chosen as the destination of these modules bought by Elliot For Water. The technology will be sent by us and installed by Solwa involving local people so that they will be able to become self-sufficient. Elliot For Water will be transparent in that all aspects relating to the project will be made available to the public. Through our blog we will publish the financial results, the quantity of the modules bought, photos, and the documentation relative to the realisation of each project. The search results are provided by Bing.

Elliotforwater.com has been created to make something good, concrete and sustainable for the world and for who lives it. This company is an example that together we can make a change through something as simple as surfing the net.

The Elliot for Water logo contains a yellow circle with a point inside; a symbol found in ancient Greek to represent the sun, that we believe to exemplifies energy and life. 

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Solwa Srl

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About Solwa

Solwa Srl is an Innovative Start Up that works in several “Green Technology” sectors for the environmental sustainability and the protection of natural resources. Solwa Srl works in many sectors such as water treatment, management and treatment of water compounds, food drying process, with a new and innovative Technology. Solwa is a Green Technology which is powered only by SOLAR energy, like all Solwa products. It is an environmentally friendly technology and it does not produce any emissions. Solwa solar still (water application) has been nominated by United Nations as one of the “Innovation for Development of Humanity” in the IDEASS Program.       

Our Team

Andrea Demichelis

Andrea Demichelis

Born in 1993 in Italy, after his linguistic studies he moved to Paris where he specialized in entrepreneurship, finance, and sustainable development at ESLSCA Paris Business School. For his first work experience he decided to realise this project that represents also his ideology: enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedicationone.

Vincenza Cornelli

Vincenza Cornelli

The positivity and the faith in her objectives are the guidelines of her job.