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The Ndambe Project

By Elliot for Water · April 23, 2021

The Ndambe project is our very first clean water project that we have been able to realize in collaboration with WellFound, a local NGO.

Ndambe is a small community of 341 people located, in the Oio region, about 60km away from Bissau the capital of Guinea-Bissau. Before our arrival, the community used to get water from an open-air well. Women, to collect water, had to wake up very early in the morning in order to arrive at the well before others as, very quickly, a long queue would form.

ndambe project working men

Water well implementation

Well Found has a very beautiful approach when it comes to realizing the water projects. In fact, they don’t just want to build a well and leave but, rather, they want to work alongside the villagers. For this reason, when they first arrived in this community, they had a meeting with everyone to discuss how they would have constructed the well together.


After the first meeting, the community decided to provide labor for the work to be done. Together they built and fenced up a deposit tank for storing water.


The Market Garden

In addition to the well, a Market Garden has been implemented. Well Found then put a wire fencing around it, provided the people with gardening tools, and built a water reservoir at the center to store water for vegetables. Thanks to Garden, the villagers are now able to make agriculture and produce their own food.


The Impact of the project

The access to water, Market Garden, and latrines facilities have improved the lives of women, children, and men in this community. Kids can now go to school while men and women can work and take care of their families. Moreover, women are able to sell the left-over of the vegetables produced and pay school fees, buy new clothes, and other food.