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Water is life

By Iliana Esquivel Garza · January 13, 2022

Water is Life

Have you ever wondered how the cycle of life comes forth? This intricate design of Nature and the way life is interconnected throughout all species on Earth. How the trees give off oxygen, which we breathe, while we breathe out carbon dioxide, which the trees then breathe in, and so on. Life is this connection between all beings, this cycle that allows organic creation to take place.

Water is actually the piece that ties it all together. Isn’t it interesting how the places with more access to Water have more vitality? Rainforests have more diversity of life than deserts that only give a home to species that are able to hold Water for longer periods of time: cactae, camels, etc. Water is the life-giving element that nurtures this cycle of vitality.

Picture the Water cycle. You know how we’ve learned in school that Water travels through the rivers, arrives at the lakes and oceans, eventually evaporates to be in the clouds, and when it rains it comes back down. These are the only places where Water can be found in big quantities, the big bodies of Water, if you will. But Water doesn’t just travel through those.

When Water reaches land through the rain, this rain allows crops to grow. These crops will then turn into our food, which holds a percentage of Water (we don’t only intake Water in its liquid form, we also consume it through our foods). Then, that Water doesn’t disappear as it enters our body. It becomes one with us, it gives us life. The human body is 75% Water, and our blood is an even higher percentage, so Water actually travels through us as well. Then we cry, sweat, or go to the bathroom and Water leaves our system to continue its path.

See where we’re going with this? The Water cycle is actually the cycle of life. And this was something known by the brightest minds in history. Jacques-Yves Cousteau said: “we forget that the Water cycle and the life cycle are one”. And Leonardo Da Vinci described Water as “the driving force of all Nature”.

This is the reason behind Elliot For Water’s mission. Limited access to Water literally means limited access to life. It is our purpose to bring life, vitality, and the freedom that comes with this, to as many people as possible. Each search you make on contributes to this; have certainty that as simple as it seems to change your search engine, it is helping many people take their lives back. How does Elliot for Water work? Elliot for Water is the search engine that donates safe drinking water with every search. In fact, we use 60% of our profit to finance clean water projects in developing countries. Thanks to our users, we have already been able to realize a clean water project for a community in Guinea-Bissau.